Coaching tends to be most appropriate when …

  • Performance makes an important difference to the client. Almost by definition, the contributions expected of senior executives fall into this category. Managers at other levels who are in especially significant roles also are responsible for making an important contribution, so they too can be appropriate coaching clients.
  • The relevant learning issues are in the “soft skills” area. These skills include the ability to build relationships with others and to work in teams. And also how  Executives sees themselves.
  • There are no right answers. Executives need to develop their own solutions to certain of the puzzles of executive life, and it’s hard to do it on their own. If there were right answers hidden away somewhere, the task would be a lot easier.
  • The learning needs to happen reliably and quickly. The Client and the Executive neither want to take the risks nor the time for the Executive to learn solely through trial and error and quickly.
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