Polishing Pearls works with Chairmen, CEOs, partners and other senior executives to support their discovery of who they really are. Crystal clear aspirations, a profound recognition of one’s own capabilities and passions, and a powerful drive to achieve in ways that matter all flow from this fundamental understanding.

Coaches from Polishing Pearls understand how Executives can be guided to personal transformation through challenge, exploration, feedback, and reflection. Coaches from Polishing Pearls also have extensive management and consulting experience and understand the industry, functional and organisational context faced by senior executives. Coaches from Polishing Pearls have worked with Executives through IPOs, mergers, acquisitions, rapid growth, retrenchments, new market entry and successions. Coaches from Polishing Pearls have worked with CEOs during their first one hundred days, professionals on first moving up to partnership, executives in newly created positions, and with Executives taking on leadership of major change programmes in addition to their business-as-usual responsibilities.

Coaches from Polishing Pearls work throughout Asia with multinational companies, large domestic companies, public sector bodies and multi-lateral institutions.

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