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When is Executive Coaching appropriate?

Executives established in their current role benefit from coaching to develop new perspectives and practices in order to raise their performance to a higher level.

Executives considering alternatives to their current role benefit from a richer understanding of their aspirations, skills, knowledge and experience in order to identify and prepare for potential career moves.

Executives in preparation for an imminent career move benefit from visualising, exploring and practising behaviours and perspectives that are expected to be particularly required for the new role.

Executives freshly in a role that is new for them benefit from clarification of how they will fit into the new role with existing relationships, yet add value distinctively and hence what modifications of aspirations, perspectives and behaviours may now be appropriate.

Executives in a newly created role benefit from alignment of the role with their own aspirations while creating effective, productive relationships with peers and colleagues inside and outside of their own organisation.

Executives in a family-controlled firm benefit from greater clarification of business and family issues, in order to respect multiple perspectives, interests, time horizons and personalities.

Executives in a team benefit from confidential discussion of shared issues leading to richer appreciation of shared values, alternative perspectives, and common concerns and greater alignment and commitment to explicitly agreed principles and priorities

Leaders in transition in professional services firms

Executive Coaching can be an effective and efficient tool for helping leaders in transition to raise their self-awareness, clarify their goals, increase their focus and strengthen their relationships. Here are examples of situations in which Executive Coaching has proven its … Continue reading

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Coaching tends to be most appropriate when …

Performance makes an important difference to the client. Almost by definition, the contributions expected of senior executives fall into this category. Managers at other levels who are in especially significant roles also are responsible for making an important contribution, so … Continue reading

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