Types of coaching conversations

Coaching can be thought of as different types of conversations.  Some of the conversation types are:

Active inquiry: The ability to ask powerful, open-ended questions to have the client and coach come up with fresh insights about how to resolve challenges and get better.

Appreciative inquiry: A sub-set of active inquiry in which you build in what’s working and the positive.

Accountability: Conversations to hold the client accountable for doing what he says he will do and keeping commitments.

Coachability: Keeping the client open to learning, coaching, and getting better.

Sharing stories: Stories are a powerful coaching tool. Every coach needs a repository of stories about himself and others who have overcome challenges, handled difficult situations, and showed character and resilience.

Acknowledgement: An essential conversation to point out and celebrate results that the client achieves.

Setting context: Here, the coach helps the client understand where they are, where they have been, and where they are heading in the coaching process.

Contracting: These are conversations that define the coaching relationship, from the goals the client wants to achieve to confidentiality, scope, and permission to coach.

Value: Conversations to confirm that the client is getting value.

Source:  The Center for Executive Coaching


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